Data Analytics

As cities and their critical infrastructures become smarter and more reliant on information technology, the ability to quickly analyze and respond to newly arriving information becomes vital for ensuring that the city's systems remain efficient, sustainable, resilient, and secure.  Our full-stack analytics team specializes in quickly analyzing complex data to meet this need.  Our data often arrives at high velocity and volume from a variety of different sources, each with its different format and semantics, ranging from noisy ADSC web analyticsnumerical sensor readings to text, images, audio, or video.

Our team collaborates with domain experts to create proofs of concept for solutions to real-world analytics problems.  Each of our projects makes a research contribution in the application domain, and many also produce advances in the state of the art in data mining, machine learning, or the infrastructure that supports them.  Our team members have expertise all along the analytics stack, from machine learning down to hardware acceleration. For more

CREATE Programme Project:

  • Analytics for Detecting Power Grid Attacks, Professor Marianne Winslett and SUTD Professor David Yau

ADSC Projects: