University of Illinois Research Center in Singapore
University of Illinois Research Center in Singapore
16 active research projects and collaborations
475 Conference and Journal Papers Accepted
9 startups developed in Singapore and US

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The tool allows security analysts to make practical and informed decisions about the security of their critical infrastructure system, such as a smart power grid.
By using new technology developed by ADSC and a Singapore air-conditioning company, companies could save thousands of dollars per month on their energy bills.
ADSC researchers are developing technology that can build virtual 3D replicas out of moving 2D images, even when the images contain similar textures and sizes.

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Kevin C. Chang

Information abounds in our civilization and inundates our daily life. My research focuses on information access and data management, in a large scale. The essential challenges of large-scaleinformation systems arise from both "much data" and "many sources": On the one hand, the sheer amount of structured and unstructured data challenges us for efficient querying, in order to find the desired information. On the other hand, the massive number of heterogeneous sources in...

Kevin Chang

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