University of Illinois Research Center in Singapore
University of Illinois Research Center in Singapore
16 active research projects and collaborations
475 Conference and Journal Papers Accepted
9 startups developed in Singapore and US

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The new system makes it easier for a doctor or therapist to keep tabs on a patient’s progress remotely.
Through two new projects funded by the Energy Market Authority of Singapore, researchers at the Advanced Digital Sciences Center are tackling real-world issues to improve the...
A team at ADSC has built a platform that provides an easy solution for analyzing text, video, audio and other types of data.

Featured Researcher

Zbigniew Kalbarczyk

Professor Zbigniew Kalbarczyk's research interests include design and validation of reliable and secure computing systems. The research focuses on development of methods and tools for designing and experimental assessment of reliable and secure systems. His projects encompass design and implementation of a software middleware for reliable networked computing (the ARMOR middleware), operating system level transparent error detection and recovery (the Reliability...

Zbigniew Kalbarczyk

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