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Research Highlights


Tracking objects in videos
(September 2012)
Narendra Ahuja, Tianzhu Zhang
Track the movement of objects in videos quickly and accurately with ADSC's two new methods for object tracking.


ReCognize: Reliable cognitive radio networks for the smart grid
(August 2012)
Yih-Chun Hu
ADSC's research project that works to create reliable and low-cost methods of communication between smart appliances and energy management systems.

Incentive Pricing

Incentive pricing for aggregated user load scheduling and control
(July 2012)
David Yau, Richard Ma
ADSC researchers are working to create an intelligent system to understand context of human activities and their corresponding energy consumption.


Visual recognition of medication
(March 2012)
Minh Do, Gang Wang
Identify and retrieve information about pill medications quickly and accurately with ADSC's pill identification algorithm.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy at home
(February 2012)
Pierre Moulin, Bingbing Ni, Pei Yong
Perform rehabilitative physical therapy at home, reducing the need for travel to expensive sessions!

network neutrality

An alternative to network neutrality
(Dec. 2011)
Richard Ma
Use a public option to create more competitive and efficient ISP markets!

publishing sensitive data

Differential privacy with less noise
(Nov. 2011)
Daniel Li, Marianne Winslett, Yin Yang, Zhenjie Zhang
Differential privacy lets us publish sensitive information while ensuring privacy for individuals, by adding noise to the information before publication. Now we can achieve a given privacy guarantee with less noise!

video chat

Video chat with low cost, high quality (Minh Do, Jiangbo Lu) and
Video cutout in real-time with commodity hardware (Jiangbo Lu)
(Oct. 2011)
Low-cost, high-quality special effects for video chat!
Cut out and replace the background of your webcam in real time, with commodity hardware!

sparse registration

Sparse registration of video frames
(Oct. 2011)
Narendra Ahuja, Bernard Ghanem, Tianzhu Zhang
Sparse registration beats SIFT-based methods for video analytics!

3D audio

Find the direction of sounds in 3D in real-time
(Oct. 2011)
Doug Jones, Shengkui Zhao
Use a miniature microphone array to figure out what direction a sound comes from, in real time!


Synthesize hardware, without hardware expertise
(Oct. 2011)
Deming Chen, Eric Liang, Kyle Rupnow
Put your algorithm onto hardware, without needing hardware expertise!