William H. Sanders

William Sanders
Professor and Former Director
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Dr. William Sanders' research interests include dependability/security evaluation, architecting reliable & secure systems, stochastic modeling, and performance evaluation of distributed systems. He has published more than 200 technical papers in these areas. He is a co-developer of three tools for assessing the performability of systems represented as stochastic activity networks: METASAN, UltraSAN, and Möbius. Möbius and UltraSAN have been distributed widely to industry and academia; more than 500 licenses for the tools have been issued to universities, companies, and NASA for evaluating the performance, dependability, security, and performability of a variety of systems. He is also a co-developer of the Loki distributed system fault injector and the AQuA/ITUA middlewares for providing dependability/security to distributed and networked applications. He is also currently the Director and PI of the DOE/DHS Trustworthy Cyber Infrastructure for Power (TCIPG) Center. In all these activities, he leads and conducts research to architect and validate systems that are intended to be trustworthy (secure, reliable, safe, and survivable).


Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering, University of Michigan, 1988