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Weng Cho Chew

Profile Text
Weng Cho Chew
ADSC Affiliate (Illinois)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Prof. Chew's current research interest is in fast computational algorithms for solving electromagnetic scattering problems. His other areas of research interest are in wave propagation, scattering, inverse scattering, inhomogeneous media for geophysical subsurface sensing and nondestructive testing applications and experiments. He has designed experiments with his graduate students to demonstrate the super-resolution phenomena of nonlinear inverse scattering. Working with his research scientists, postdocs and students, his research group has solved electromagnetic scattering problems of unprecedented sizes involving over 10 million unknowns using fast algorithms and matrix-free methods. He is the originator of several fast algorithms for solving electromagnetics scattering and inverse problems, and has authored a book, Waves and Fields in Inhomogeneous Media, and coauthored a book, Fast and Efficient Algorithms in Computational Electromagnetics, in addition to more than 300 scientific journal articles and 400 conference papers, several patents, and book chapters. His work is widely cited.

Prof. Chew is an IEEE Fellow, an OSA Fellow, and was named an NSF Presidential Young Investigator in 1986. Previously, he was the director of the Center for Computational Electromagnetics and the Electromagnetics Laboratory. Prof. Chew has been named frequently to the Daily Illini's "Incomplete List of Excellent Instructors." He was also the winner of the IEEE Year 2000 Graduate Teaching Award, the UIUC Campus Award for Excellence in Graduate and Professional Teaching for 2001, a Founder Professor of the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois, and the co-winner of the Schelkunoff Best Paper Award for 2001. In 2002, ISI Citation elected him to the category of Most-Highly Cited Authors (top 0.01%). His work is cited by electromagneticists, geophysicists, mathematicians, and electro-chemists. He was the YT Lo Endowed Chair Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering from 2005 to 2010. Before coming to University of Illinois, Prof. Chew was a department manager and program leader at Schlumberger-Doll Research. He was on special leave to serve as the Dean of Engineering at The University of Hong Kong from 2007 to 2011.


PhD in Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, June 1980

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