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Tech Portfolio

Scientific Impact

ADSC focus on upstream, basic research has fostered a wealth of publishing activities and honors providing for both high scientific and high potential economic impact. As of June 2014, ADSC has published over 200 conference and 100 journal articles, in addition to winning more than 20 honors. Additionally, we have twenty-one joint projects with other research centers and universities in Singapore and aspire to further our collaborations and integrations to maximize the mutual advantage.

Economic Impact

Since our inception, ADSC has created:

  • TWENTY technical disclosures
  • TWO provisional patent applications and one under evaluation
  • ONE trade secret
  • SIX IP licenses
  • SIX new startups in Singapore, each of which has a commercialization grant from Spring or ETPL
  • THIRTY-ONE copyrights corresponding to a new technology intended for eventual licensing or a significant dataset earmarked for public distribution

Manpower Development

ADSC has rapidly grown to achieve a research staff size commensurable with the project research objectives. Our researchers and staff come from all over the world, which further assists in broadening and diversifying the pipeline for highly trained IT workers.

All statistics current as of June 2014.