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Related Research Projects

DAMSON: Database Management, Security, and Optimization
Marianne Winslett, Nikita Borisov, Jiawei Han, E Shyong Tai, Xiaokui Xiao.

Health care could greatly benefit if we analyzed individuals' electronic health records on a grand scale. The new paradigm of differential privacy offers hope that we can share and mine biomedical data, without compromising individuals' privacy. This project is designing practical, efficient solutions based on differential privacy for common information analysis tasks with biomedical data. This project is funded by A*STAR's Data Value Chain as a Service programme.

WiMAX Protocol Fuzzing
Professor Yih-Chun Hu

This project investigates potential vulnerabilities in the WiMAX protocol and its implementations. The project scope includes investigating the design of the WiMAX MAC protocol and its security mechanisms and developing a framework and tools that would allow us to conduct fuzzing (over-the-air) on a WiMAX base station implementation. This project is funded by Singapore's Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies.