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ADSC Research Themes: Interactive Digital Media Subprogram

Example of a virtual meetingADSC's interactive digital media (IDM) subprogram seeks to incorporate audio, video, and unstructured Web data to provide a genuine human sixth sense in networked systems for augmented reality and related applications. To provide those capabilities, ADSC's IDM subprogram is tackling fundamental research problems in computer vision, audiovisual signal processing, Web information mining and analysis, hardware design, and networking that are grand challenges in their respective fields. Some examples of specific problems addressed by ADSC researchers include immersive telepresence with commodity hardware, using both conventional and emerging cameras; real-time recognition of people and other entities in a scene, with seamless overlay of information about them that is automatically extracted from the Web and summarized; recognition of actions and activities taking place in a scene, using conventional and emerging cameras; and quality of service and experience for users.

ADSC's two integrative applications showcase the results from multiple research projects, working together to realize next-generation applications. They include the Virtual Meetings and Smart Office efforts.

The IDM program director is Stefan Winkler.

Interactive Digital Media Projects: