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ADSC Employment Opportunities

Research Scientists and Postdoctoral Fellows  |  Software, Hardware, and Application Engineers  |  Visiting Reseachers

Research Scientists and Postdoctoral Fellows

If you received your Ph.D. within the past five years and have a track record of demonstrated excellence in research, then we invite you to apply for ADSC's full-time positions in Singapore. You will conduct research in collaboration with University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign faculty and ADSC colleagues. You will be offered an adjunct appointment in the Coordinated Science Laboratory at Illinois, and will spend time on the Illinois campus to foster direct interaction with Illinois colleagues. While you build an excellent research record, you will also develop your leadership skills by working to define and guide projects and by supervising graduate and undergraduate students. Throughout the process, ADSC's comprehensive mentoring will ensure that you stay on track to achieve your long-term career goals in industry or academia.

Positions are available immediately and will remain open until filled. Interested candidates should submit a curriculum vitae, cover letter, and three letters of recommendation. Please apply using the "ADSC Research Job Search" on-line application available at

We are currently seeking staff for the following research:

  • Towards a Resilient Smart Power Grid: A Testbed for Design, Analysis, and Validation of Power Grid Systems - The project aims to address emerging challenges to smart grid security by building a testbed and associated tools to facilitate rapid analysis and efficient detection of threats and intrusions to cyber infrastructure in power grid. We seek, in particular, candidates with expertise in control and system theories, cyber-physical systems, and security.
  • A Cyber-Physical Approach to Securing Urban Transportation Systems - Future cities will increasingly be smart, providing an environment where people's everyday lives are supported by various cyber-physical infrastructures including urban transportation systems. ADSC will develop new security technologies for urban transportation systems and make fundamental breakthroughs in cyber security research through collaboration with Singapore's Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), and industry partners.
  • Integrative Security Assessment of Smart Grid Cyber Infrastructure Project - The project will develop methodologies for expressing and integrating disparate types of security evidence (e.g., formal proofs, results of penetration experiments on test-beds, results of simulation experiments) into an integrative security assessment. We seek, in particular, candidates with expertise in one or more of the following areas: computer and network security, system modeling (formal and/or stochastic), or modeling and simulation of computer and communication systems.
  • PoPSeCo: Power Plant Security by Advanced Sensing and Computing - The project aims to address critical challenges in securing electric power generation infrastructures through a combination of analytical studies, algorithm development, and system building. We seek, in particular, candidates with expertise in sensor networks, signal processing, control and system theories, cyber-physical systems, and security.
  • Architecture and hardware, including reconfigurable computing, hardware accelerators, and associated compilation issues.
  • GPU Researchers to develop new advances in GPU compilation, architecture design, code restructuring, runtime management and applications. Candidates should have experience in compilation techniques, multicore/GPU architecture design; and/or GPU runtime management, experience with programming languages such as C/C++, CUDA, and OpenCL; and experience with GPU applications. Positions are available on the project Heterogeneous Architecture and Design (leader: Professor Deming Chen).
  • Computer vision and image processing, including scene understanding, object and activity recognition, object tracking, and image assessment and enhancement. Positions in this area are available on the following projects:
  • Information management and mining, including data analytics for science and business, web-scale information mining and integration, management of scientific data, differentially private data mining, and query workload optimization.
  • Dependability, security, and privacy, as manifested in cyber-physical systems, differentially private data mining, and incentives systems.

The expertise that we seek will change as we define new projects; thus, we encourage you to apply even if your specialty falls outside the areas listed above.

ADSC offers competitive salaries and benefits. We consider applications on a rolling basis once they are complete (including a minimum of two reference letters), and as new projects are defined.

Submit your application via the on-line application system at Please direct your questions about ADSC or the application process to adscjobsearchatillinois [dot] edu.

Software, Hardware and Application Engineers

We invite applications for multiple software engineer positions in the areas of networking, vision, web data mining, and FPGA programming. The successful candidate should (i) have an undergraduate or Master's degree in computer science, computer engineering, or related areas; (ii) be strong in programming and software design and development; and (iii) have good communication skills in English. He/she will work closely with a team of systems researchers (computer science and engineering faculty, research scientists, and graduate students), and will lead the implementation of prototype systems that demonstrate practical research ideas. Recent top graduates of Bachelor's or Master's degree programs in relevant areas, who are strong in systems building and considering future Ph.D. studies in experimental computer science and engineering, are encouraged to apply. Some projects also hire engineers who are more theoretically inclined. Software engineers at ADSC have the unique opportunity to participate in cutting-edge experimental research and build strong credentials for future applications to top graduate programs worldwide. Some of ADSC's engineers are concurrently enrolled in graduate programs at the National University of Singapore or Nanyang Technological University.

Desirable qualifications are specific to areas. They include:

  • Security Assessment: Good programming skills in Java, experience in software engineering and user interfaces. Experience or interest in security assessment, attack modeling, and system analysis is highly desirable. Prior experience with embedded systems and networks in industry (e.g., smart grids) is not required, but would be a plus.
  • Networking: Proficiency in C or C++ programming, with particular experience in programming networked and/or distributed systems (experience in alternative programming languages and/or software tools will be considered on a case-by-case basis); knowledge of network protocols, network simulators, and/or OS internals is highly desirable.
  • Vision: Background in image and video processing, video communication, computer vision, and computer graphics. Programming skills in major languages such as C, C++, Matlab. Experience or interest in socket programming, OpenCV, or OpenGL is highly desirable.
  • Web Data Mining: Background in data management, information retrieval, and databases. Programming skills in major languages such as C, Java, and PHP. Familiarity with or interest in Web and mobile application development is highly desirable.
  • FPGA Programming: Background in computer architecture, hardware design, compilation, and algorithm design. Experience in C or C++ programming and hardware description languages such as Verilog, SystemVerilog, and VHDL.
  • 3D Audio: Background in audio processing, speech signal processing, and array processing. Programming skills in major languages such as C, C++, Matlab. Experience or interests in hardware like IC (integrated circuits) design for microphone is desirable.

If interested, please submit your application via the on-line application system at

Visiting Researchers

If your interests closely match one of ADSC's current or anticipated research projects, then a sabbatical or leave of absence at ADSC may provide a dynamic environment in which you can develop new collaborations. Contact adscjobsearchatillinois [dot] edu with a summary of your proposed collaboration.

The Advanced Digital Sciences Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer and welcomes individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ideas who embrace and value diversity and inclusivity.